LSAT Tutoring Experience

After earning a score of 177 on the October 2010 LSAT (99.8 percentile), Gil began helping others study for the LSAT by offering private tutoring services, both as a private tutor and with tutoring companies. He has almost ten years experience tutoring the LSAT exclusively, and has provided personalized one-on-one tutoring to hundreds and hundreds of students, each with their own unique strengths, weaknesses, approaches, and backgrounds, and he has helped each student improve their LSAT score.

  • Earned a score of 177 on the October 2010 LSAT (99.8th percentile).

  • Tutoring the LSAT exclusively to have tutored hundreds of students since 2011.

  • Previously tutored other subjects for five years with tutoring companies and privately.

FIRST AND FOREMOST, my goal is to maximize my students' LSAT scores. 


My approach involves spending the time and effort necessary to help each student improve their particular weaknesses, while reinforcing their particular strengths. I incorporate what I found to be the best strategies, techniques, methods, approaches, tips, and tricks out there based on years of experience tutoring the LSAT exclusively to hundreds and hundreds of students, many of whom were also taking a prep course and/or using a book.

But material and information is only a small part of what you need to do well on the LSAT score.... Like many things in life--whether you're trying to get good at a musical instrument, a sport, or the LSAT--PRACTICE is the most important part. By putting in time and effort, students gradually become used to the questions that appear on the LSAT--when the LSAT starts to become second nature., that is when you will be able to earn the score you're looking for!


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