LSAT Prep Course vs. Personal Tutoring

A private tutor focuses on your particular needs! Instead of sitting in a class of 30+ students that bolts through certain concepts while spending too much time on others, the benefit of private tutoring is an individualized approach in which the tutor works hand in hand with you on specific areas. 


Gil was a saving grace for me! I felt extremely discouraged after spending months and hours in a prep course that wasn't suitable to my needs. Gil calmed my nerves and really encouraged me to preserve by continuing to practice and refine my skills. He helped me formulate a method that worked for me, and how to hone in on skills that I needed to perfect. In one session he drilled concepts in my head that took me weeks to figure out before. He is really patient, flexible, and helpful. I really value his wise words of advice and motivation because he reminds me that hard work does pay off. Since our meetings I’ve improved in score and mentality!

Michelle N.


Great tutor - knows the test very well and takes the time and effort to explain in detail the more challenging questions.  Would definitely recommend!

I was studying for the LSAT with a blueprint class and it was good but I only had a large score increase when I started my tutoring sessions with Gil. Gil has a great technique when it comes to the basics, tips, and tricks for the LSAT. I highly recommend Gil especially if you're having trouble with a specific area or topic. Thanks Gil!

David C.

Santa Monica, CA


Talya D.

Los Angeles, CA


Gil has honestly helped me out when it comes to understanding the LSAT. I have taken a Blueprint class and have tried self-studying, but even with the first few sessions with Gil, I already know with the time and effort put in I would get the best results. He really focuses on what you are good at and what you are not and tries to improve your weaknesses for a well rounded understanding of the test. Looked around for a bunch of LSAT tutors and Gil was the  best one in the bunch, I am glad I chose him.

Hrag A.

Glendale, CA


After struggling with the LSAT for a few months, I decided to take tutoring sessions with Gil and it has proven to be extremely beneficial. He taught me new methods of approaching the separate sections and the question types within them. After developing these strategies into habits, I saw a boost in my score and confidence.

Aram K.

Studio City, CA


Gil is a god send when it comes to mastering the LSAT; dont waste your time with the classes, a few hours one-on-one with Gil will benifit more than the few months you'll spend in a classroom jam packed with other students. With years of experience, Gil really knows how to get the information across to his students. Before Gil I was stuck in rut, but Gil showed me new methods and strategies that propelled to a LSAT score that I thought would never be possible. Gil has forever changed my future by opening doors to new schools that I never though was possible. I recommend anyone who's just starting out, or needs to get back on their feet to give Gil a shot, you wont be disappointed.

Tomik V.

Tujunga, CA


Gil was a phenomenal tutor who helped me increase my LSAT score 11 points. I took an LSAT course as well with another company, but found it difficult to keep up in class and could not improve without his help. He helps you master your problem areas, and gives you test taking tactics that help you recognize not only the right answers, but also the wrong answers. He is patient, understanding, and determined to make sure his students do well. He also provided me with guidance on my law school applications, and has continued to advise me to this day on how to proceed with my top choice law schools.

Sanaz O.

Los Altos, CA


Searched for a bunch of LSAT tutors. This one is the best one in LA. If you're looking to maximize your score this is the one!

Gil is a patient and helpful tutor who carefully goes through each section of the LSAT to make find methods of improving scores and overall test performance.  This one-on-one attention has been more helpful addressing testing deficiencies than the large courses.  His prices are very fair and reasonable and he works with you on scheduling.

Stephie K.

San Francisco, CA


Ron M.

Los Angeles, CA


Gil was a lot of help. I was having a lot of trouble with Testmasters, but Gil presented it in a clear and understandable way. He had all the material you will need, so taking one of the expensive prep courses is completely unnecessary if you are working with Gil. I definitely think private LSAT tutoring is the way to go!

Gil is methodical is his teaching approach. He's balanced and confident and scored a 177 when he took the test a few years ago.  I'm looking forward to knocking it out of the park.

Arielle P.

Los Angeles, CA


Mary N.

Santa Monica, CA


I really enjoyed working with Gil. He was extremely patient and knowledgeable and helped be improve my score drastically! He also was always on time, had tons of material, and charged an extremely fair and competitive price! Definitely recommend him for anyone who really wants to get the best score possible on the LSAT!!

Gil is such an amazing tutor. He is extremely patient and smart. I had previously taken a 2 month prep course, but feel like I have gained more out of my one on one sessions with Gil. He showed me better ways to strategically approach logical reasoning questions and easier ways to set up the games. He is also very flexible when it comes to scheduling which helped out a lot since I work quite a bit. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who will be taking the LSAT soon.

Pamela D.

Los Angeles, CA


Gil was a great tutor! I tried TestMasters and I found that it was not providing me with the one-on-one help that I needed to truly understand the LSAT concepts.  Gil worked with me closely and was really helpful, especially when it came to the logic games section.  The private tutoring through TestMasters was over twice the price of what he charges.  I recommended him to a few of my friends and they all thought that he was a great help.

Jon L.

Agoura Hills, CA


Gil was an extremely knowledgeable and patient LSAT tutor and helped me improve my score by 9 points. I had already taken an LSAT preparation course prior to starting my sessions with Gil and did not feel entirely prepared. Gil was also able to teach me techniques that I had not learned about in my previous course and had a large collection of practice materials that I was able to utilize. I would recommend Gil to anyone preparing to take the LSAT.

David A.

Los Angeles, CA


Mr. Arbel is an awesome tutor! The one-on-one attention is probably the most ideal setting when you are studying for the LSAT. He's very thorough with his explanations for why an answer is wrong or right and teaches you tips & tricks that will definitely help you for the actual test. He's willing to work around your schedule and is probably one of the most patient teachers I've ever had. I've never felt overly self-conscious or embarrassed to ask him a question. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is preparing for the LSAT. Good luck!

Steffie A.

Placentia, CA


Gil definitely helped me a lot. Great skills and patience. I had already taken an LSAT prep course but decided to do some private tutoring as well, and I was very happy I did. It was definitely worth it for me. I have already recommended this tutor to a few other people. He deserves this review.

Shawn S.

Los Angeles, CA


M. H.

Los Angeles, CA


Great tutor! Really knows what he's talking about and has all the information you would pay a corporate LSAT prep company tons of money for.

Dimitry L.

Los Angeles, CA



Los Angeles, CA 91607

After earning a score of 177 on the October 2010 LSAT, which was in the 99.8th percentile, I began helping others study for the LSAT by offering private tutoring services, both as a private tutor and working with large tutoring companies. I have almost ten years of experience providing tutoring the LSAT exclusively, and have provided personalized one-on-one tutoring for hundreds and hundreds of students, each with their own unique strengths, weaknesses, approaches, and backgrounds, and I have helped each student improve their LSAT score.

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