The LSAT is divided into five 35-minute sections, each consisting of approximately 25 (22-28) questions. Four of the sections are scored, and one of the sections is an un-scored experimental section. At the end of the LSAT there is also an unscored writing section.

  • The LSAT is always scored on a curve, with the lowest possible score being 120 and the highest possible score being 180. So, a test-taker’s score is dependent on how the rest of those taking that particular test score.

  • The four graded sections always consist of Logical Reasoning (LR) sections, one Logic Games (LG) section, and one Reading Comprehension (RC) section. The experimental section may be any one of those types.

  • You are not allowed to go back to any section or skip ahead to any section, even if you finish early. So, if you do finish early, it is best to go back to any questions that you felt unsure about within the section you are on (unless you want to risk it and you feel like you could get away with it).

  • You are given 35 minutes to complete each section. You will be given a 5-minute warning before your time is up.

  • The way the LSAT is administered is you will take your first three sections, then you are given a short 15-20 minute break to eat a snack or use the restroom, and then administered the other two sections, and then lastly the writing section. There is no set order of sections for the LSAT.

“What about LSAT prep courses?”

  • In my opinion, LSAT prep courses are a rip-off. The first lesson, which is entirely contained in this pamphlet, is the only useful information they will provide you. After that, you simply will be spending your time in a classroom with many other students, which will either be moving too fast or too slow for you.

  • The only other useful thing LSAT prep courses provide is a set schedule, but this schedule often will not fit yours, and if you are disciplined, then you can easily devise your own schedule that will suit you better. All the material the LSAT prep courses offer are previous LSAT questions that can easily be found online, or bought directly from LSAC for a much cheaper price. My tutoring services provides as much, if not more, material than you can get from one of the overpriced LSAT prep courses.

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