Everyone learns differently

There is not a “correct” way to prepare for the LSAT – every individual learns best in his or her own unique way — some learn best by watching someone do questions, some learn best by taking practice tests themselves, some learn best by teaching. Try to find out what works best for you. Just because everything in this guide is accurate does not mean you have use the strategy or technique provided – give things a try, but you are the best judge of what works best for you.

This guide is based on years of experience tutoring the LSAT and working with students, many of whom were also taking a prep course and/or using an LSAT prep book. Hence, it is a summary of the best strategies, techniques, methods, approaches, tips, and tricks out there.

However, most LSAT courses and books provide exactly the same strategies that what we provide in our $25 downloadable Interactive LSAT Guide.

Best of Luck,

Gil Arbel


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