Nature of the LSAT

What does the LSAT test?

Let me start by explaining what the LSAT does NOT test:

The LSAT DOES NOT test your memory or knowledge of facts.

There is very little to know or memorize for the LSAT – everything needed is contained within this guide.

The LSAT DOES NOT test your understanding of complex or sophisticated concepts.

The basic concepts underlying the LSAT are straightforward and easy to grasp.

So...What exactly does the LSAT test?

The LSAT will test your ABILITY to apply simple & basic rules quickly & consistently.

HOW can the LSAT test my “ability”?

The LSAT tests your ability by asking you lots of short questions in a short amount of time.

Therefore, to do well on the LSAT, you MUST spend a significant amount of time preparing!!!

Your preparation should revolve around acquiring the speed and consistency necessary to do well on the LSAT.

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