Timing is important for the LSAT – if you are not cool and composed, then you may end up running out of time second-guessing yourself.

Remember, the LSAT is not about how good of an attorney you will be Find the balance between determination to do well on the LSAT while remaining calm, cool and collected with regards to the LSAT.

Try not to let yourself get discouraged or frustrated while studying for the LSAT, otherwise keeping up with studying will be more boring and difficult – try your best to enjoy the process and give yourself breaks.

Consistency leads to efficiency Without placing too much pressure on yourself, try to make time to focus just on LSAT preparation; create for yourself a realistic study schedule (it does not have to be set in stone or anything).

rather than memorizing facts or trying to understand a complicated concept – getting started on the right foot so you will not have to spend time later to “unlearn” any bad habits.

developing good habits and incorporating ideas into your intuition is a gradual process that occurs through much practice and preparation, probably without you even being aware.

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There is not a “correct” way to prepare for the LSAT – every individual learns best in his or her own unique way — some learn best by watching someone do questions, some learn best by taking practice


-like many things in life, doing well on the LSAT requires CONFIDENCE. Whether playing an instrument, practicing a sport, or taking the LSAT-when you see improvement you start to enjoy it more, and w

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