Completing our online course or reading through this pamphlet and understanding all of its contents is all that is required for the LSAT in terms of information to memorize. The LSAT is not a test that builds on memory or knowledge (such as mathematics or science). Once you can effectively utilize the tools given in this course, you will be prepared to tackle the LSAT. Once you feel you have sufficiently mastered the basic concepts, the best use of your time will be to do as many practice questions as possible. A private tutor will help identify your weaknesses and figure out the best course of action for you to do well on the LSAT.

  • Practice is key! When preparing for the LSAT, after you are proficient at using the basic strategies, there is only one thing left to do: Practice! There is enough material out there to keep you occupied for months.

  • You should always try and take the practice tests under testing conditions. This means that you should begin the test around 8-9AM and preferably at a location that is not your house (such as a café). This is to accustom you to working in an environment that may have distractions, since there may be distractions on the actual test. Also, it is best to practice with an analog clock and a scantron.

  • Because each section consists of around 25 questions (22-28), each individual question should take you roughly 1 to 1.25 minutes. However, certain questions are more difficult and will take you more time, while others are easier and should take you less time. Generally, the questions tend to get more difficult as you progress through the test, though this is definitely not always the case.

  • You do not get marked off for guessing the wrong answer, so it is always to your benefit to guess if you have no idea. The most common answer choice is “D”, so if you have to guess, “D” is your best choice.

  • Calculators or pens will not be useful on the LSAT, but some people choose to bring a highlighter for the RC section.

  • The day before the LSAT should be spent relaxing and making sure you are on a good sleep schedule.

  • Eat a good breakfast before the LSAT, and make sure you get a good night sleep. Exercising and relaxing the week before and not focusing on studying are good ideas. Cramming for the LSAT is a bad idea.

  • This course is meant to provide all the tools and information that would be helpful to memorize for the LSAT.

  • The tools taught in this course do not always need to be used. You should figure out which tools are helpful for you and which are not. Always remember: you know how you learn better than anyone.

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