Preparing For The LSAT

How should I prepare for the LSAT?

Considering the nature of the LSAT, some ways to prepare are better than others…

For example, you should NOT spend most of your time preparing for the LSAT by simply reading about the LSAT.

Similarly, you should NOT spend too much time taking notes (since you will probably not come back to them), or trying to memorize facts.

Here is how I do recommend you spend your time prepping for the LSAT:

Try to truly understand and grasp the main ideas and concepts taught in this guide (you should feel fairly comfortable with most of the important ideas, while probably also memorizing a few things, like some key words, etc.)

As soon as possible, start taking many many many practice tests

Here are the reasons why taking practice LSATs should be the main focus of your LSAT preparation:

LSAT practice tests are prior LSATs; hence, taking practice LSATs is the best way to replicate taking the actual LSAT.

The LSAT is just recycled questions which follow the same structure & patterns (new words replace old words, but the underlying ideas are exactly the same); thus, through taking many practice tests you will begin picking up on the LSAT’s patterns (possibly without even realizing it).

In addition to practice LSATs, I recommend adding variety to how you are preparing.

Utilizing a variety of study methods creates connections between ideas in different ways.... As a result, with time, the reasoning you use on the LSAT will become intuitive.

Here are a few examples of how to “mix up” the ways you study (practice LSATs is still most important however):

Study with people who approach the LSAT in different ways;

Re-do questions.... On some practice LSATs, re-do questions you know you got wrong but without seeing what the correct answer is, and if you can on other practice LSATs, re-do every question (after time is up but before grading it) while taking your time, and then note which answers you changed from wrong to right, which answers you changed from a wrong answer to another wrong answer, and which answers you changed from right to wrong (even question you get right, see if you get them right again after a few weeks or so;

Articulating your reasoning is a great way to improve on the LSAT (explain out loud to anyone your reason for choosing a specific answer).

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