Private Tutoring vs. LSAT Prep Courses:

The benefit of private tutoring is an individualized approach which the tutor can work hand in hand with you on specific areas.

In other words: Instead of sitting in a class of 30+ students bolting 
through some concepts while spending too much time on others, a private tutor focuses on your particular needs!

LSAT courses can cost upwards of $1,500 because they know many people prepping for the LSAT and law school see others taking the courses and so feel as though they have to take a course as well, just to keep up. Yet, what most LSAT courses and books provide is exactly the same strategies as what we give in our $25 downloadable Interactive LSAT Guide.

LSAT courses often “guarantee” LSAT score improvement because what they do is administer a practice test before the course begins (i.e., before anyone has any experience with the LSAT), and then take credit for score improvements while leaving out the fact that everyone’s score improves after any introduction or small amount of practice!

Not only are LSAT courses expensive but they require 12+ hours a week which would usually be better spent studying on your own.

However, for students enrolled in an LSAT prep course, a supplementary tutor will give you a competitive advantage
over everyone else!

The benefit of studying with a private tutor is that it provides you with an individualized approach in which the tutor can spend all the time necessary to work through any areas of weaknesses that you specifically have.

In other words, instead of sitting in an LSAT class of 30+ students that is bolting
through concepts you are having trouble understanding, or spending too long on concepts you already grasp, a private tutor can focus on your needs!

I am not saying that all prep courses are a waste of time, I am sure that they could be helpful for a test that tests a person’s knowledge such as the MCAT or the Bar Exam. But the LSAT does not require any knowledge, and in fact is only supposed to test your capabilities. But don’t take our word for it, ask around and find out if these LSAT prep courses are worth the money they ask for.

Even if you decide to enroll in an LSAT prep course, having a supplementary tutor will give you a competitive advantage
over everyone else!

The scam of these LSAT prep courses that can cost upwards of $1,500, is that they know that a lot of people feel they have to take these courses, and then others feel that they have to too just to keep up. However, this is NOT TRUE! The LSAT prep courses and all the expensive books all provide you with the same exact information and strategies, which we provide here for a fraction of the cost. Then they simply give you past LSAT questions to practice because they know that is the best way to improve, but these past LSAT’s are all available online for free, or for a much smaller price.

The other scam that these LSAT prep courses do is that they “guarantee” that you will improve your LSAT score by taking this class. So, what they do is give you a practice LSAT at the beginning of the course, before you have any experience with it, then they teach you some basic tools and strategies and voila! Your score has improved! Yet, even though they take the credit for your improvement, it should be obvious to everyone that of course your score will improve, after even just a small amount of LSAT practice!

In fact, not only are LSAT courses a colossal rip-off, but in many cases, the 12 or so hours a week that you would be in the class would be much better spent studying on your own, or especially with a private tutor. Furthermore, your money will go a lot farther toward improving your LSAT score by saving it and taking an extra week off of work or something to just do some more LSAT practice!

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