This questionnaire will speed up the process of getting started and making a lesson plan and study schedule that works best for you. Feel free to write an answer or leave it blank.

· Date:

· Name:

· E-mail:

· Phone no.:

· Preferred method of communication:

· Best days/times for 15-minute consultation:

· How did you hear about us?

______ Yelp

______ Google

______ Other search engine:

______ Personal referral: (Name)

______ Flyer/business card

______ College/career counselor: (Name)

______ Tutoring service/website: (Name)

______ Other

If other:

· Approximately how many 1-hour sessions are you interested in getting per month?

· Which services are you interested in?

_____ Personal LSAT tutoring

_____ Group LSAT tutoring

_____ Online LSAT tutoring

_____ Law school application help

_____ Tutoring in another subject:

_____ LSAT introduction pamphlet & other written materials

_____ Not sure yet

· Are you currently taking or planning to take an LSAT prep course?

o If so, which one and why?

· Please briefly describe your experience (if any) with the LSAT, if any. Include past test dates & scores and any particular book or prep course taken or used. Please also provide any particular area that you would like to focus on:

· Please briefly describe your goals with private LSAT tutoring (besides getting a 180, which is what we always strive for), including desired score range, desired law schools, or anything else.

· Undergraduate school/major/G.P.A.:

· Which LSAT are you intending on taking (check any that may apply):

______ June 2015

______ October 2015

______ December 2015

______ February 2016

______ Not sure

· *Which application cycle do you want to apply to law schools?

______ Spring Semester, 2015

______ Fall Semester, 2016

______ Spring Semester, 2016

*(Note: Most law schools only take applicants for the spring semesters).

· Which days & times work best for you?

· Approximately how many hours per week do you plan on studying for the LSAT (a full practice test takes 1.5 to 2 hours).

· *Are you able to meet near Sherman Oaks for tutoring sessions?

o If not, where can you meet?

*(Note: Tutoring sessions usually take place in the Sherman Oaks area – there is an extra charge for gas & time for other locations).

· Are you interested in weekly or monthly LSAT email updates?

· Questions/Comments:

Thank you!

I will contact you within the next 24 hours.

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