Take practice tests in similar conditions to what the actual LSAT will be like:

  • Take practice LSATs at the time of day of the actual LSAT (around 9:00 AM);

  • Take practice LSATs at place where there are some mild distractions (just like the actual LSAT);

  • Take practice LSATs with a scantron and the timepiece you plan on using on the actual LSAT (it needs to be an analog watch – we recommend the “LSAT Watch”);

  • Take each section on without a break and without looking up answers and without long breaks between.

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Everyone learns differently

There is not a “correct” way to prepare for the LSAT – every individual learns best in his or her own unique way — some learn best by watching someone do questions, some learn best by taking practice


-like many things in life, doing well on the LSAT requires CONFIDENCE. Whether playing an instrument, practicing a sport, or taking the LSAT-when you see improvement you start to enjoy it more, and w

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