Trust YOUR Common Sense & Intuition

  1. Be Confident and trust yourself!

  2. Come test day, you do not want to spend a lot of time second-guessing all of your answers - timing is an important factor.

  3. This pamphlet will help you do well on the LSAT, but the single MOST VALUABLE tool at your disposal is your own common sense and the reasoning skills which have gotten you to where you are today, so, rather than trying to replace your reasoning methods, try to incorporate these concepts and strategies into your way of thinking.

  4. Your primary goal for each question on the LSAT should always be to understand what the question is asking (I have seen too many students get so caught up in trying to apply some technique that they learned in a class or from a book that they forget to even pay attention to what it is that they are reading!)

Lacking confidence can cause stress and anxiety, especially on test-day, so always be sure to remain calm and confident.

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