Can you describe what the LSAT tests in your own words? The first step to doing well on any test is to understand what the test is looking for: The LSAT tests skills and abilities but not knowledge. The skills are how fast you can read through paragraphs and passages while ascertaining the important information...

The purpose of the LSAT is to evaluate reading comprehension and understanding of logic and critical reasoning.

Preparing for this type of test
  • 1.

    Speed and efficiency are the most important factors for doing well on the LSAT.

  • 2.

    Do not spend too much time reading, memorizing, and note-taking—doing questions is the best way to improve.

  • 3.

    Once you grasp the main ideas and concepts, immediately start taking practice tests.

    Take lots of practice tests - practice LSATs are actual LSATs, so getting good at practice tests is the closest thing you could do to get good at the actual LSAT - through taking practice tests, you will gradually pick up patterns on the LSAT (often without even realizing it).

  • 4.

    Mix up your preparation - studying in a variety of ways helps solidify concepts and also makes LSAT preparation less boring - here are a few ways to mix up your LSAT prep

  • 5.

    Study with different study buddies and/or tutors, in addition to studying alone;
    teach the LSAT or related concepts and problems to others - talking through questions increases one’s understanding;
    re-do questions—re-do questions you answered incorrectly without seeing what the correct answer is, even re-doing questions you get correct is good practice - explain your reasoning to others.

  • 6.

    Explaining your reasoning for choosing a particular answer will help you identify weaknesses

  • 7.

    Study alone and study with study buddies or a tutor.

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