Advice for LSAT Prep based on earning 177 and 10+ years tutoring:
To do well on the LSAT, you must not only prepare but prepare the right way -- LSAT preparation should focus on improving speed and consistency.
Use Common Sense

The greatest weapon in your arsenal against the LSAT is your common sense. As your guide, I do not replace your reasoning skills but rather add to it. The reasoning skills that have gotten you this far in life are ultimately what you will use on the actual LSAT.

Make "LSAT-Thinking" Second Nature

Just as you do not take time to think when adding "2 + 2," with enough practice, concepts tested on the LSAT can become part of your intuition. My goal is to find which techniques work best for you and help you make them part of your natural way of thinking.... If a certain approach does not work for you, then do not use it!

Practice Makes Perfect:

Very few people pick up the LSAT and ace it; most people who do well on the LSAT, myself included, put in a lot of time and effort. You will probably have to work hard to earn a good LSAT score.

Some More Tips:
  1. Approach LSAT preparation like learning an instrument or sport rather than a school subject: Getting started on the right foot and developing good habits for the LSAT early will help you later.​

  2. There is no “cramming” for the LSAT: Getting good will not happen overnight. Good habits and incorporating ideas into your intuition is a gradual process that happens during practice and preparation (without you being aware).​

  3. Be consistent with your preparation without burning yourself out.​

  4. Without putting too much pressure on yourself, make time to focus on preparing for the LSAT: Create a realistic study schedule - it does not have to be set in stone but it should be reasonable for you to follow.​

  5. Any book or course promising a 180 without putting in time and effort is a scam (LSAT courses gladly take credit for students’ improvement but it is likely their improvement is because they put in time and effort.

To summarize, the magic formula to do well on the LSAT is simple:
★  More Time & Effort =  Better LSAT Score  ★

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